Ion Tech OEM Spares Depot Level Repair


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 We offer in-house component level robotic, mechanical and circuit board repair services at a significant cost savings over OEM spare parts.   To ensure the quality of the repair, we have a well established lab of various instruments.  They are utilized to test and certify your parts once the repair is complete.


  • Alliance Plunger Drivers
  • UPLC Plunger Actuators
  • Injectors
  • Heater Chiller Engines
  •  GPV valves
  •  Degassers
  • Vial Turrets
  •  Various power supplies


  • Pump Drives, 
  • UV Optical Units,
  • Transport Assemblies,
  • Syringe Drive
  •  Auto Sampler Thermostats
  • Column compartments
  •  MCG valves
  •  Degassers
  • Sampling Unit
  •  Power Supplies
  •  Solvent selection valves
  •  Insta Pilot


  • RF Detectors
  • Lens PCBs
  • Signal Handling PCB
  • Source Repairs
  • TIS Heater refurbishment
  • On board syringe pump
  • Heater Power Supply
  • Various Power Supplies


  • Ion Chromatography pump drives
  •  power supplies
  •  various PCBs

Dual Head Flying Probe for PCB Repair

We have many various OEM LC/MS and GC/MS circuit boards pre-mapped with our robotic dual head flying probe.  This enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose defective PCBs. 

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